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165 Inch Foldable Giant Television Goes On Sale

A company named C SEED, based in Austria, has launched the world’s first 165-inch foldable MicroLED television. Although the features of the television are dazzling, it attracted attention with its price tag. As technology develops, televisions continue to come, which are huge and offer magnificent picture quality. One of the best examples we will give to these televisions today is Samsung‘s television “The Wall”. A new television that will shake this throne announced today.

It Can Fold and Go Under the Ground

A company named C SEED, based in Austria, introduced the ‘C SEED M1 4K 165 INCH TV‘ television with a size of 165 inches and a resolution of 4K. This giant television, in addition to its size and image quality, came with a feature that we do not see on any television today and its jaw-dropping price. The television became the world’s first foldable 165-inch MicroLED television. C SEED M1; It carries the MicroLED panel technology that can reflect the contrast, brightness and color spectrum at the highest level. This panel on the TV makes the colors more vivid and the image clearer. According to the company’s statement, the TV screen has a life span of 100 thousand hours.

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With a width of 3.6 meters and a height of 2 meters, the most important thing that makes the C SEED M1 special is that it is foldable. The TV can be folded in 5 pieces with the metal frame at the back. With the touch of a single button, the television is buried under the floor where it opens for itself.

The price of the C SEED M1, which is unlike any TV and offers a completely different experience, is also unlike any TV. If you want to buy this television that can be folded, buried and can cover 3.6 meters when opened, 400 thousand dollars should come out of your pocket. Of course, instead of paying that much money for the TV, you can buy a house or two and equip it with everything.

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