2022’s First Community Day For Pikmin Bloom

2022’s First Community Day For Pikmin Bloom

The new season started quite fast for Pikmin Bloom. The first Community Day event of 2022 comes with an added bonus, so don’t miss this opportunity. Community Day is Saturday, January 22, 2022, and will run all day. The whole Pikman universe is curious about the players’ work to decorate the game world.

During the event, in-app bonuses will be available to grab, for example; Large Flowers will turn into camellias when you plant regular blue, red, yellow, or white petals around them. A special Camellia Flower Badge will also be awarded to players who reach the 10,000 steps goal.

Don’t Miss 2022’s First Community Day For Pikmin Bloom

The seedlings in your pot package are 1.5 times the normal rate and if you are planting flowers you will be able to get more. One of the most remarkable bonuses is; You can get 1 bonus coin per 250 flowers. You can get a maximum of 60 coins in one day. With Community Day starting on January 22, you’ll be able to obtain fruits containing camellia nectar on every difficulty you complete.

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