5 Electric Scooter Suggestions For Affordable Prices

5 Electric Scooter Suggestions For Affordable Prices

Electric scooters gained popularity as the trust in taxis and public transportation decreased during the pandemic process. Electric scooters, which are a very convenient choice for short-distance transportation and recreational use, have become quite famous with various rental services. If you are thinking of buying your own electric scooter vehicle, but are still looking for price / performance products, our affordable electric scooter recommendations are here to help you.

If you’ve decided to buy an electric scooter, you’ve probably had the opportunity to try one out before. When buying an e-scooter, you should pay attention to both quality and comfort, not speed. Because these vehicles promise safe and short distance transportation rather than speed. When making comparisons, you should pay attention to quality and comfort rather than speed.


Dynamic Xride E
Dynamic Xride E, one of the cheapest products in the electric scooter market, is not very good in terms of technical features, but it will satisfy your needs. Although the capacity of the battery is not specified by the manufacturer, the power of the motor is 150W. You can travel 10 kilometers on a single charge, and can travel at a speed of 15 km/h. The fact that the vehicle weighs 9 kilograms and is foldable shows that it is more suitable for transportation.

Xiaomi Mi Essential
Having won the hearts of most people by introducing affordable products, Xiaomi promises a very affordable price with its Mi Essential product. The vehicle has a battery with a capacity of 5100 mAh, with the power of 250W. The vehicle can travel at 20 kilometers per hour. Mi Essential, which weighs 12 kilograms, is also suitable to carry around since it too is foldable. A screen on the scooter shows time, distance and remaining battery. If you wish, you can follow the information from mobile devices by establishing a Bluetooth connection via the Mi Home application.

Citymate Gold
Although the price is higher than the Mi Essential, this scooter is equipped with advanced features. We can say that this entry-level model of the Citymate is pretty good in terms of battery. The vehicle has a battery with a capacity of 7800 mAh and a 350W motor. You can travel up to 25 kilometers with a single charge, and travel up to 25 kilometers per hour. The ability to climb slopes up to 15 degrees is a detail that does not go unnoticed. The vehicle weighs 12 kilograms and is foldable. An info screen is also present on the scooter.

Xiaomi Mijia M365
Xiaomi Mijia M365, a vehicle that we can consider as the middle segment, is the kind that will not upset those in search of quality. The material quality and technical features of the Mijia M365 deserve its price. The engine power of the vehicle with a capacity of 300Wh can go up to 250W. With the Mijia M365, you can travel up to 30 kilometers with a single charge; There are two different speed profiles: 18 kilometers per hour in battery saving mode and 25 kilometers per hour in normal mode. It weighs 12.5 kilograms and is foldable making it easy to carry.

Xiaomi Mijia M365 Pro
Having better features than the previous model, the Mijia M365 Pro lives up to its name. The battery capacity of this scooter is 474 Wh, however, the power of the motor can be up to 280W. These values ​​are higher than the M365 model and the travel distance is around 45 kilometers. The vehicle can go up to 25 kilometers per hour. The fact that it weighs 14 kilograms is an indication that it is heavier than other models, and this model also has a foldable design. The biggest disadvantage of the Pro model compared to its little brother is that you can feel the protrusions on the ground. This causes an uncomfortable ride, if the roads you will use are bumpy, you should think carefully before taking it.