Money Heist With Apple Watch

Money Heist With Apple Watch

Apple’s smart watches come to the fore from time to time. But today’s event has shown that developing technology can be used for malicious purposes. In the past, Apple Watch has been on the agenda with life-saving news many times since its release. However, an event that took place last year shows the opposite. $500,000 was stolen from a drug dealer in New York with the help of an Apple Watch.

The gang living in the area where this incident took place wanted to seize the earnings of a drug dealer. The gang used an Apple Watch as a GPS tracker to track the seller. Of course, they didn’t do this by hacking the seller’s Apple Watch. They placed an Apple Watch of their own in the bumper of the seller’s car.

They Followed From The ‘Find’ Application, Came To The Vehicle:

Apple Watch

Using Apple’s ‘Find’ app, gang members found the drug dealer’s vehicle parked next to a nearby hotel. Reaching the area, the gang broke the window of the vehicle, but did not find anything of value in the vehicle. Two members of the gang followed the vehicle for 24 hours.

The next day, the thieves returned and found the owner of the vehicle. The gang forced the seller into the car. Two shots were fired, but no one was shot. The gang beat the seller and took all his personal belongings, including a key to a hotel room. This hotel room was the room with the coins seen in the photo above.

Of course, there is no offense specific to the Apple Watch at this point. However, this theft incident shows what can happen with similar products of not only Apple, but all other companies.