A Rare CS:GO Weapon Skin Sold for $150K

A Rare CS:GO Weapon Skin Sold for $150K

The size of the trade continues to increase in the game of CS:GO. Recently, an extremely rare CS:GO weapon skin was sold for a price of $150,000.

The weapon skins trade has become one of the most important parts of CS:GO since the Arms Deal update in 2013. In this situation, players now use the weapon skins trade not only to replace their skins with new ones; but also to earn revenue through extremely rare skins.

Twitter user ROFL announced in a tweet on January 14 that a group of extremely rare CS:GO skins were put up for sale; saying “I’m helping a friend sell his collection.” ROFL said in the tweet in question that an offer of less than $300,000 for the entire collection would not be accepted.

CS:GO weapon skin worth $ 150,000: AK-47 Case Harderdened ST MW 661

We do not know whether the ROFL has achieved its target. However, according to a new tweet shared by ROFL; one of the products in the collection put on sale is the Case Harderdened ST MW 661 with AK-47 coating. This skin was sold for an astronomical price of $150,000, making it the most expensive weapon skin in CS:GO history.

So why is the Case Harderdened ST MW 661 AK-47 coating so valuable? First of all, the skin in question was included in the first gun case to come to the game and is part of the Arms Deal Collection. Also a StatTrak ™ Technology on top of the “Minimal Wear” weapon. There is also a Bearing 4 ‘Titan | Katowice 2014 sticker.

As a matter of fact; we have seen karambit models that have found buyers at unbelievable prices like 100 thousand dollars before. For this reason; it was not difficult to predict that “one day” there will be weapon skins to be sold at these prices. Yet it continues to surprise every time that such a high fee is paid for a coating that adds nothing to the gun’s functionality.

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