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A YouTuber Designs World’s Largest Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch, the most popular portable game console in the world today. Aims to provide gamers with a console gaming experience wherever they go. A YouTuber named Michael Pick should not be very pleased with the screen size of the console. He designed the “world’s largest working Switch” in his own words.

Thus, the original Nintendo Switch was a compact game console that can be easily held with two hands; The huge Switch, is far from portable, with a width of 177 cm and a height of 76 cm. Although the handcrafted Switch in question does not have portability. It manages to gain an appreciation for its 4K display, which was not in the original Switch.

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The most important aspect of the huge Nintendo Switch designed by YouTuber is that it has physical keys that actually work. The main reason for this is that there are real Switch and Switch controllers under the huge body. YouTuber has succeeded in making the keys functional by connecting the parts he created with the 3D printer to the real Switch. Moreover, you can control this huge console with both Nintendo Switch Pro and GameCube wireless game handles.

With only 4 thousand subscribers on his channel, the video that Michael Pick created the world’s largest Nintendo Switch has exceeded 33 thousand views in 2 days. You can watch the video below to see how the huge Switch, whose photo you can see above, was created. Also, don’t forget to check out our other news here.

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