Adrozek Malware Discovered

Adrozek Malware Discovered

Microsoft announced in a blog post that they detected the Adrozek malware targeting internet browsers. They stated that they witnessed this malware hundreds of thousands of times between May and September. Microsoft finally finds the source of Adrozek and turns out, an enormous, global infrastructure is supporting it.

A malicious software targets various browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge. These Adrozek malware attacks, affected various browsers. It is designed to place ads in search results and add malicious browser add-ons.

Adrozek malware

According to Microsoft‘s report, they detected 159 domains, each hosting an average of 17.300 URLs infected with Adrozek malware. They also mentioned that more than 15.300 polymorphic malware samples have been hosted. What makes this malware more terrifying is that it can extract data from the infected device. This means, the malware is capable of stealing credentials as well.

As a matter of fact, this malware did all that by simply installing malicious browser add-ons. These plugins have made changes to the browser’s settings to place ads on pages. Thus, the ads shown in the search results start appearing above other legally placed ads. So this malware has disabled the browser’s security checks. Stay tuned for more news.