Ahri Reveal, New Champion – Legends of Runeterra

Ahri Reveal, New Champion – Legends of Runeterra

Can you belong somewhere you’ve never been? with a family you’ve never known? Ahri and the vastaya join Magic Misadventures on December 8!

Ahri is joining the roster of Legends of Runeterra in this latest patch. Check out the trailer and her unique playstyle!

Magical Misadventures, the latest Legends of Runeterra expansion, is coming out on December 8th. As a “mini” expansion in a set, we can anticipate a smaller card pool and a few champions from Bandle City and other areas. With spoiler season beginning today, we can only speculate on what will be included in the forthcoming expansion.

Based on the design of the Tail-Cloaked Matriarch, we can anticipate some Recall value playstyle from Ahri. Re-read Dancing Droplet and Monastery of Hirana if you haven’t already.

Kennen is the second heavily promoted champion we should expect to see in this group. Shen’s best friend and the lone Yordle member of the Kinkou. It’s difficult to predict Kennen’s role in LoR.

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