An Action-Packed Game From Steam Is Now Free

    Get Stuffed! is an Asymmetrical Multiplayer Social Horror game. We will try to kill, deceive or escape as Killer, Antagonist or Victim in the game where we can play as a multiplayer genre with up to 16 people.

    We can say that the killers stand out from other roles visually and are immediately recognizable. All killers share one purpose; Kill everyone. The killer has a unique playstyle and gameplay. And we have to say that there are various more planned killers as well.

    Antagonists, on the other hand, each have unique objectives and missions to complete. For example, the cultist must collect blood to summon the big eater, while the hitman must hit other players before finally detonating a nuke with a tactic. There are currently 7 more planned Antagonist roles available in the game.

    As for the victims; they must find a way out to escape and complete the map objectives to win. Map objectives range from scanning radioactive rocks to solving word puzzles. To assist victims, you can purchase items and perks, or search for scrap containers they use to place structures in special nodes. There are victim roles such as Runner, Medic and Enginner that you can find in the game.

    In short, the Victims must escape, the Antagonist must complete their personal goals, and the killer must kill everyone. Each map has a different theme and requirements for victims to escape. The social aspect of gameplay and the way the roles interact, along with the event system, make every match different. As a free-to-play game, you can invite all your friends to play with no entrance fee!

    Murat YILDIRIM
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