An Update from FromSoftware Regarding Elden Ring

An Update from FromSoftware Regarding Elden Ring

FromSoftware: Elden Ring is an action RPG co-created with George RR Martin. The excitement doubles when FromSoftware, George RR Martin and Hidetaka Miyazaki are among the creators of the Elden Ring game. With three great names behind it, the Elden Ring is expected to be another great game from the developer. With fantastic game releases and DLC’s that followed, FromSoftware, made a name for itself along the years. The firm has released fantastic games such as the Dark Souls Series, Bloodborne and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. The trailer for Elden Ring was published in the past months. The total duration of the published trailer is around 2 minutes and being only a teaser, did not include any detailed information regarding the game, leaving much for the imagination.

How Will The Elden Ring Gameplay Be

FromSoftware followers are eagerly awaiting a gameplay video for the Elden Ring. Since the trailer is very short and does not contain details, we are still waiting for an actual gameplay trailer. However, according to the statements and interviews, it is said that Elden Ring is will be a different game Dark Souls and Sekiro.

FromSoftware Elden Ring Game

When the company released the first Elden Ring trailer, the release date was not specified. Just as the players were about to lose hope, a tweet was published by FromSoftware. According to the tweet, the production phase for the Elden Ring is still ongoing and the game is pretty much alive. Elden Ring followers were thrilled and relieved with the news since there had been some time since any updates regarding the game.

While it did not include any kind of release date or more details regarding the game, the fact that the developers are still working on the game came up as good news for those who are expecting the release of the game.