Apple Acquires Primephonic

Apple has acquired a new streaming platform to step into a specific branch in music streaming services. Wanting to launch an application similar to Apple Music that broadcasts classical music; Apple bought Primephonic, which the owner developed for the same purpose.

Apple Acquires Primephonic

Primephonic was a start-up project that first came to be 3 years ago. Apple recently acquired the said platform, which also has unique content that only broadcasts classical music. Primephonic used the following statements in a statement on its site after joining Apple:

“As a start-up project, we can’t reach the vast majority of classical music listeners, especially those who listen to other music genres as well. So to achieve our goal, we decided to partner with a leading broadcasting platform that covers all genres and shares our love of classical music”, said the company.

According to Apple‘s statements, Primephonic‘s exclusive content will be a part of the Apple Music. Later, using Primephonic‘s easy-to-use search section and user-adopted interface, Apple will launch its own classical music streaming platform. According to an answer by Primephonic in the frequently asked questions section, users who have an active subscription on the platform will soon receive their evenly distributed refunds. Users will also be able to get a code for an additional 6 months of free Apple Music usage. Also, don’t forget to check out our other news here.

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