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Apple Has Announced The New Apple TV 4K With Its Improved Version

Apple announced the new Apple TV 4K; which we can call a seriously improved version of the model announced in 2017. The new set-top TV set offers brand new features as well as a completely updated remote. Apple unveiled its new set-top box at the spring event yesterday. Powered by the A12 Bionic processor, the new Apple TV 4K takes HDR video performance to a higher level.

Apple officially announced the updated version of the Apple TV 4K, which was announced in 2017, at the launch event yesterday evening. Although the device supports a maximum resolution of 4K, it supports HDR video at high frame rates thanks to the A12 Bionic processor. the new device also allows 60fps Dolby Vision image transfer via AirPlay with a compatible iPhone. Users will now be able to adjust the color balance of the image through their iPhone. With the new generation Apple TV 4K, the remote control has also been renewed. The all-metal Apple TV Remote stands out with its ring-shaped touchpad, reminiscent of the Click Wheel on old iPods.

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The new Apple TV 4K, which also supports Dolby Atmos audio codecs for a better audio experience, still does not support 120 Hz video streaming. Therefore, we can say that Apple TV is not the right option to play an FPS game.

Performance-Based Change rather than Design

Apple Has Announced The New Apple TV 4K With Its Improved Version
Apple Has Announced The New Apple TV 4K With Its Improved Version

Apple did not make a major design update on the device’s main box. Since we will hardly ever move it again after connecting it to the TV, a design change to be made other than updates to make the device work more efficiently did not matter. However, the Apple TV remote, which will always be in the hands of users, has been seriously updated.

It has a thicker body than the previous generation. The Apple TV remote, however, has an ergonomic design that fits much better in the hand. Updating the scroll panel, which is highly criticized by the users, with a new five-way touch pad, Apple has also added an on / off button to the remote.

Easier Interaction With Siri Will Be Provided

There is also a Siri button just below the thumb for users to interact with Siri more easily. Of course, in order to use this button as Apple thinks, you must first be right-handed. According to the statements made by Apple, the light sensor on the new Apple TV 4K enables Apple TV to automatically optimize the colors of your television.

How Much is Apple TV 4K Price?

The new Apple TV 4K offers users two separate memory options, 32 GB and 64 GB. While the price tag of $ 179 was announced for the 32 GB version; The 64 GB version is priced at $ 199. In addition, for those who say 1080p resolution is enough for me, Apple TV HD will be available with a remote control at a price of $ 149.

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