Apple Introduced Its First Processor M1

Apple Introduced Its First Processor M1

Technology giant Apple held its event called ‘One More Thing’ today. Introducing its ARM-based processor for the first time at this event, Apple unveiled its processor, which was launched under the code name M1. Aiming to revolutionize the laptop market with the M1, the company was also curious about the features of the processor from the first moment of the event. While Apple attaches great importance to hardware and software compatibility for its new processor M1, the most emphasized issue was performance efficiency.

Stating that such a comprehensive change has occurred in Mac devices for the first time, Apple underlined that thanks to the hardware and software integration, users will have an excellent experience. The first product Apple introduced at the event launch was the world’s first computer processor with 5 nm architecture. In addition, the M1, which comes up with 16 billion transistors, is defined as the fastest CPU core of the processor market with its feature of having 8 cores and 4 high-speed threads.

The fastest CPU core of the processor world with its feature of having 8 cores and 4 high-speed threads

Having a 5 nm architecture, the 16 billion transistor bearing M1 manages to gather various hardware in a single body. Apart from important hardwares such as CPU and GPU, it also contains a cache. According to Apple, this is the fastest CPU core in the world.

While each of the high efficiency cores offers similar speed to the dual-core MacBook Air, it does so much more with great efficiency. As we mentioned before, the most emphasized feature of the M1 is its performance efficiency. Supporting Thunderbolt and USB 4 technologies, the M1 has an 8-core graphical interface. Attracting attention with its low power consumption and high performance, the new processor offers almost 1.5 times better results compared to its competitors. Apple says its M1 CPU gives the best performance per Watt.

Apple underlined that users will not have any performance problems.

The processor, which includes a 16-core artificial intelligence engine, has a capacity of 11 trillion operations per second. Thanks to the developed technology, you will be able to wake up your Mac devices in sleep mode just like iPhone and iPad.

All applications developed by Apple have been optimized for the new ARM-based processor. Thanks to the newly developed technology, iOS applications can be run on Mac devices. However, this feature can be turned off by developers.

Thanks to the new security technology, devices with M1 processor will become more secure. The developed technology will also affect Hackintosh system installers. Stating that the macOS Bigsur version is optimized for M1 processors, Apple underlined that users will not have any performance problems.