Apple Is In Trouble With UK!

Apple Is In Trouble With UK!

Apple has long been accused by users of losing performance with every update.

Apple has been accused of shortening the lifespan of its devices. In The Guardian’s report, the Environmental Audit Committee is pressing tech giants like Apple to reduce their impact on electronic waste. Lawmakers in the UK accused Apple of “established obsolescence” related to its products. They said the company had deliberately made it almost impossible to fix their products. The report prepared by the deputies condemns the “built-in obsolescence” of many electronic products. This also involves the deliberate shortening of the life cycle of products.

According to an investigation, companies like Apple solder internal components in their electronics making it difficult to repair. The report states that consumers tend to buy new ones rather than repair their devices. This is especially true since Apple products are difficult and costly to repair.

In the report, it is stated that consumers tend to buy new ones, especially because Apple products are difficult to repair and the cost of repair is high.

Respond from Apple

Lawmakers stress that consumers do not have control over the products they own. They cannot dislodge the components of their devices to repair them themselves. And have no guidance on how to solve their problems. In responding to this report, Apple emphasized its commitment to the environment. Also, they also pointed to the consumer’s repair and recycling options. The also mentioned The recycled materials used in its products.

Apple said, “We were surprised and disappointed by the Environmental Audit Committee report, which does not reflect Apple‘s efforts to protect resources and the planet. We have more options for customers to trade and receive quality repairs that are safer than ever, and the core components of our new Apple Watch, iPad and iPhone lineup use recycled material. We will continue to work with parliament and government to document Apple‘s industry-leading commitments and leave a clean economy and healthy planet for the next generation”.