Apple M1 Processor Mac Mini Introduced

Apple M1 Processor Mac Mini Introduced

Apple Introduces Mac mini is 10 times smaller and 5 times faster than similar PCs. The new Mac mini has a 5 nm architecture M1 SoC that stands out for its performance per watt.

One of the new products Apple introduced at its event was Mac mini. As the name suggests, the Mac mini, which has a very small size, is both fast and compact. Using the M1, the world’s first computer processor with 5 nm architecture, like the other devices introduced during the event, Mac mini is $ 100 cheaper than the model which was launched two years ago. It also offers a high level of performance.

Mac mini, which is equipped with the 8-core CPU M1, offers 3 times faster CPU performance than the previous generation, the 4-core mini model. Mac Mini thus incorporates significant improvements in graphics performance. The device, which offers 6 times faster graphics performance than previous generations, stands out with its compact design. Mac mini, which is one tenth in size of a PC in its segment, promises 5 times faster speed than its competitors. And Apple can process 15 times faster than the previous generation.

On the back of this small box, there is one Ethernet port, two Thunderbolt / USB 4 ports, one HDMI 2.0 input, 2 USB-A ports and one 3.5mm headphone jack. Promising fast image processing, page transitions and significant speed in game performance, Mac Mini is designed to provide comfortable use in any environment.

In addition, the Mac mini, which will be available in the US for $ 699, has a price tag of $ 100 lower than the previous generation.