Apple Magsafe Battery Pack Announced! Here is the Price

Apple unveiled the MagSafe Battery Pack, which has been on the company’s radar for some time. In the hours we left behind, Cupertino’s technology giant Apple revealed the wireless powerbank model named Apple MagSafe Battery Pack; which was produced for the iPhone 12 series. With 5W charging, this wireless powerbank; magnetically links to the rear of iPhone 12 models and provides customers with more usage time. When the charge the product in question a cable, this figure rises to 15W.

According to Apple‘s statement, the device attaches magnetically to the rear of the iPhone 12 and features a 1,460 mAh battery. Furthermore, there is no charger or cable in the box of the wireless powerbank type. Users will need to purchase an additional charger and cord for this.

Apple Magsafe Battery Pack Announced! Here is the Price

For the time being, Apple has not provided any specifics about the aforementioned powerbank device. However, the Cupertino-based technology behemoth released the following claims concerning the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack on its official website:

“Installing the MagSafe Battery Pack is a breeze. Its compact and user-friendly design makes it easy to charge on the go. It sticks to your iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro with its perfectly aligned magnets, ensuring wireless charging is safe and reliable.

The MagSafe Battery Pack charges even faster when used with a 27W or higher charger such as those offered with the MacBook. And when you need a wireless charger, just plug in the Lightning cable for up to 15W wireless charging.”

How Much Does the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack Cost?

Apple Magsafe Battery Pack Announced! Here is the Price

MagSafe Battery Pack price has also received an official announcement. The price of the model, which is currently listed on Apple‘s official website, was determined as 99$ .

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