Apple Might Introduce M2 Chip With New Macbook Air

Apple will release its M2 chip with the new Macbook Air in 2022, according to a claim.

Apple analyst, known as “Dylandkt” on Twitter, said a new MacBook Air model; with a colorful design that will be replaced on the shelves in the first half of 2022 will soon be released with the M2 chip stated. He also said that the M1X chip will also be used in the high-end Mac series; which may include a more powerful iMac model with MacBook Pro.

It doesn’t sound too strange as Jon Prosser mentioned these allegations recently. Jon Prosser said a few months ago that MacBook Air would be redesigned; and include a range of iMac-like color options. However, he said that the M2 chip would also be introduced with the new Macbook Air. Unlike Prosser in its predictions, Dylandkt has a firm attitude that the M1X is aimed at the next-generation MacBook Pro. This analyst also suggests that the M2 chip will be slightly lower for MacBook Air; but it is worth noting that reliable resources do not agree with it.

Apple Might Introduce M2 Chip With New Macbook Air

Despite everything, Dylandkt was successful in accurately estimating the details of Apple’s latest product launchings. Dylandkt had correctly predicted that the next-generation iPad Pro would have an M1 chip five months before the device appeared as early as November 2020. He also attached the new iMac to come with the M1 chip. In short, it can be said that the claims about the new generation Macbook Air are convincing, given that the analysis he has made so far is accurate. We’ll all see together what Apple will do in the future. Also, don’t forget to check our other news here.

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