Apple Music Is Coming To PlayStation 5

Apple Music Is Coming To PlayStation 5

Another giant step forward for Apple Music: Apple Music subscribers will now be able to access their music on PlayStation 5. According to a Reddit post, Apple Music will soon be available on PlayStation 5. This is clearly visible in the image, one of the users shared on Reddit.

The rumors that we encountered with the leaks of “Apple Music is coming to PlayStation 5” before have become official! The music platform debuts on a game console, and this console is the PlayStation 5 itself. The new app allows Apple Music subscribers to access services similar to what was previously possible with Spotify. You can listen to music in the background while playing games on Sony‘s new generation console or just enjoy the music with the application.

We may see Apple Music on PlayStation 5 very soon

In the image, you can see that Apple Music is located under the Spotify application, while the “Download” button is open next to it. However, for now, Reddit user, who also says that when this button is clicked, a warning is received that “this application is only available on PS4“, the Reddit user suggests that this may be an optimization problem. So very soon we can see the music platform on PlayStation 5.

This is the second major innovation that PlayStation 5 has arranged with Apple. In early 2021, Sony expanded its partnership with Apple, offering PlayStation 5 owners a six-month free Apple TV Plus membership. If you don’t want to simplify your TV setup and mess around with extra settings; it’s good news that Apple Music has arrived on PlayStation 5.

It is not surprising that the music platform will be on PlayStation 5. Because Sony and Apple have been collaborating lately. Sony recently came together with Apple to offer PlayStation 5 owners a 6-month free subscription to Apple TV Plus, and Apple also mentioned that PlayStation 5 Dualsense and Apple Arcade subscribers will be able to play their games at an event it organized. Based on this, we can say that we can see the music platform on PlayStation 5 very soon.