Apple Released A Security Update For AirTag

A new update came for AirTags, which stayed on the agenda with many security concerns after its introduction. The purpose of the update is to avoid the possibility of using AirTags for tracking people.

Last April, Apple introduced its new device, which will allow you to track the location of any item you can think of. AirTag is very useful and at first glance it seems extremely useful. However, the device soon started to come up with possible security issues. Users worry about the security issues.

After the device got hacked, AirTag received criticism for tracking people. The deviceis a pretty tiny device. So it can easily be thrown into someone’s pocket or purse. This possibility brings with it the creepy problem of being able to follow people without them noticing. So, this situation has been widely criticized. Apple, on the other hand, continues to work to make AirTag secure for everyone. On top of all these worrying issues, the company has released a new update to fix the aforementioned issue.

AirTag will warn when away from connected iPhone

Apple Released A Security Update For AirTag

AirTags originally designed to signal when they were away from their connected iPhones for three days. With the new update, if an AirTag is away from the owner’s phone every 8 – 24 hours, it will give a warning with a ‘beep’ sound. This will warn people in a scenario where AirTags tracking them. However, to be frank, even the possibility of following a person in a time frame between 8 and 24 hours is quite annoying. The first comments from those who have experienced the new feature are that the warning sound is low and short-lived.

Apple Released A Security Update For AirTag

Apple says it will continue to make improvements to make AirTags secure in the coming period. The company also stated that they have developed an application for Android users in a statement on the subject. Accordingly, an Android application will receive an introduction that will allow to detect an AirTag or Find My network-enabled accessory separated from its owner moving with a user. This application is coming in the following months.

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