Apple Releases MacOS Big Sur 11.2 For Developers

Apple Releases MacOS Big Sur 11.2 For Developers

Apple has released 11.2, the newest developer version of MacOS Big Sur. With the new update, many errors, especially in M1 processor models, have been resolved.

Big Sur 11.2 update of MacOS, the operating system Apple developed for laptop and desktop Mac models, has been released for developers. Currently, developers can download the latest “beta” version of MacOS via the Software Update menu in the System Preferences application.

MacOS Big Sur 11.2, with the build number 20D53, focuses on bug fixes and performance enhancement rather than bringing a new feature to the operating system. Especially Mac models with Apple M1 processor will offer a more “successful” user experience after the new update.

According to the statements made by Apple, the innovations that came with MacOS Big Sur 11.2 are as follows:

Bluetooth reliability improved.
Fixed an issue where the M1 processor Mac mini displayed a black screen; when connecting to an external display with the HDMI-DVI converter.
Bug fix, where edits were not working in Apple ProRAW photos in the Photos app.
Fixed an issue where iCloud Drive turns off after disabling the iCloud Drive Desktop and Documents Folders option.
Bug fix, where System Preferences were not working when entering an administrator password.
Fixed the issue where emoji and symbols were not displayed when the globe key was pressed.
Since Apple does not list all the innovations that it usually offers with software updates in the release notes; we can see that new features have been discovered with the MacOS Big Sur 11.2 update in the coming days.