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Apple Said Goodbye to iMac Pro

Apple plans to end the sale of its iMac Pro. The company only sells standard models that are out of stock. When stocks run out, the iMac Pro series will not be produced with the last model.

Apple added a new model to its iMac computers produced for professionals in 2017. This model was the iMac Pro model, which houses a better hardware than the standard model. Today, news has been given that will deeply hurt those who anticipate the new iMac Pro model.

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9to5Mac, in its news, announced that Apple will stop selling the iMac Pro. This statement of 9to5Mac was also confirmed by Engadget. In addition, the page of the iMac Pro in the Apple store has been renewed, indicating that the computer will be sold until the stocks are exhausted.

If you want to buy Apple‘s current iMac Pro, you should hurry. However, at this point, let us warn you about something. Apple has also stopped producing iMac Pro based on users’ preferences. So the only iMac Pro model you can buy right now is Intel‘s standard model with a 10-core Xeon processor.

Just because Apple unplugged the iMac Pro model doesn’t mean it’s the end for iMac computers. On the contrary, the company’s iMacs with the M1 chipset, which offer extremely good performance, are eagerly awaited. It is also said that the new iMacs will bring a new design and color options.

According to the claims, the new iMac computers will have an angular design like a box. These computers, which we do not yet know when they will be introduced, will probably be introduced as we approach the WWDC event.

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