New information on Apple’s Augmented and Virtual Reality Glasses

New information on Apple’s Augmented and Virtual Reality Glasses

New information has emerged about the augmented and virtual reality glasses, which Apple has been working on for a while. According to Bloomberg, Apple is preparing to launch these products in 2022 by equipping these products with unique features. Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman made some statements that will excite Apple fans. Based on Gurman‘s statements, the company will launch its first virtual and augmented reality glasses in the next year. According to the statements, Apple‘s products will be a serious competitor; to glasses produced by companies such as Facebook and Sony.

Apple Will Sell a Maximum of 1 Set of Glasses Per Day

Mark Gurman said, the glasses set Apple is working on; will offer a 3D experience for playing games, watching movies and communicating. In addition, this product will be in the high-end class. This means that Apple‘s virtual and augmented reality glasses will be expensive. Gurman did not hesitate to share the remarkable insights of Apple employees regarding this product. According to Gurman Apple employees will sell at least 1 set of eyewear that will be released in 2022 in each Apple store. This is a clear indication that the price of augmented and virtual reality glasses to be produced by Apple will be much higher than competitors in the $ 300 to $ 900 range. However, Apple is doing its best to deserve the price of the product it is working on.

According to the news prepared by Gurman, Apple‘s glasses sets will have screens that offer much higher resolution than current products. In addition, Apple will integrate a special processor, which is much more powerful than the M1 processors used in new Macs, into these glasses sets. In addition to all these, Gurman also states that these glasses sets will have cameras for augmented reality experience. Another feature of Apple‘s upcoming virtual and augmented reality glasses is said to allow the user to type in the air. Gurman emphasizes that a user can write with just hand gestures, which will provide a unique experience.

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