Apple’s New iMessage Update

Apple’s New iMessage Update

Popular messaging service WhatsApp is still on Apple‘s changes to the App Store‘s privacy policy. It is noteworthy that the company that collects the most ‘user-associated data’ among messaging applications is WhatsApp. Apple, which has changed the privacy policy of the App Store in recent weeks, is still receiving mixed feedback from various developers. One of these developers is the online messaging service WhatsApp. The company, working as a part of Facebook, argues that Apple‘s new privacy policies create unfair competition and do not offer users an objective perspective.

WhatsApp is Among the Messaging Apps That Collect the Most Metadata.

As you know, with the updated App Store policies, users can now see which user data any application they download from the store collects; which they associate with your identity and how to use them. Although this situation is welcomed by users, the developers do not seem to like it. When you search for WhatsApp on the App Store, you see that the app collects and associates a lot of information; such as purchases, location, contacts, identity and usage data. Although WhatsApp guarantees that messages will never be read by anyone else with end-to-end encryption. However, metadata associated with the person, already states in the user agreement that; it can be used to improve services, contribute to the business and help marketing.

Another issue is that users cannot see the data usage of apps that come pre-installed on Apple devices; such as the iMessage. Describing this as an inconsistency, the company argues that “tags must be consistent between first and third-party apps; and that these privacy tags must be comparable to pre-installed apps.” On top of that, Apple updated their software and released a similar privacy label for iMessage, just as WhatsApp wanted. These data, which offer quite striking results, show us that iMessage associates much less information with users compared to WhatsApp.

In simple terms, while not all the additional data iMessage collects to track its platform and usage; we can also say that associates all this information with your identity. Despite all this, we can say that the security of WhatsApp is sufficient for almost all users.