Black Shark’s New Accessories

Black Shark’s New Accessories

Black Shark, which produces player focused phones and accessories, introduced their new products. Among the new products introduced, are data cables with fast charging support for both Android and iOS. Black Shark, which is a sub-brand of Xiaomi, introduced their new accessories for smartphones. Of course, among the products promoted are accessories designed for mobile gaming.

Among the new accessories announced by the company are the charger, the charging cable that can be used with both Android and iOS devices, and the trigger keys that mobile gamers can choose. Well, let’s see what is the information announced about these announced products.

Black Shark Dual-Port 30 W charger

One of the products introduced is a charger with a USB-A and a USB-C slot and a foldable plug. The price of this charger, which can output 30 W, is 79 yuan.

Black Shark trigger keys

It could not be expected that they would not advertise an accessory for mobile gaming. The company also announced the trigger keys designed for mobile gamers. These trigger keys with two different buttons are also sold individually. You will have to pay 39 yuan if you want to buy only one and 78 yuan if you want to buy both.

Black Shark data cables

The last product Black Shark introduced was data cables designed for Android and iOS devices. One end of which can be used on Android devices is USB-A, one end is USB-C data cable 59 yuan, one end designed for iOS devices is USB-A and the other end supports fast charging from “Lightning” cables, the price tag is 69 yuan.