Call of Duty: Mobile Season 7 Begins

There is little time left for the new season content of Call of Duty: Mobile developed by Activision. The content of the 7th season of Call of Duty: Mobile, which will start on Thursday, August 26, and the dynamics of the Elite Team have been announced. Call of Duty: Mobile Season 7 was announced on August 26.

In addition, with the new season, many innovations are added to the game. As an example of these; new maps and events. The official statement on the subject is shared below. Also, the excitement of the new season in Call of Duty: Mobile starts on Thursday, August 26th. In the 7th Season of Call of Duty: Mobile, which comes before game lovers with many innovations in each new season, two new maps, a new submachine gun called Hades Stock Cannon, a new Operator Skill, and also many more innovations are added to the game.

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 7 Starts on August 26

By the way, Reggae star Ozuna has written a brand new song for the new season called “A La Buena, El Mejor”. Also, players will be released on Android and IOS platforms and will welcome the new season enthusiastically.

Two New Maps

  • Junkyard 2019: This classic Modern Warfare 2 map was first introduced in Call of Duty: Mobile in early 2020. A highly symmetrical map set in an airplane graveyard filled with scrap heaps and storage hangars.
  • Abbey: A map originally published in Call of Duty Online that makes it difficult for operators to navigate tangled paths. In addition, the monastery in the map turns into a complete hell.

New Thematic Event

Cyber ​​Assault: Players will battle for possession of the Zero-Stealth and SKS-Tech Turret weapon, with this event starting September 3rd. Also, players will embark on Multiplayer and Battle Royale missions every hour. The higher the level of the players’ operators, the greater the chance of winning more valuable rewards. However, you can learn current game or technology news through our other social media accounts. Finally, click here to read more gaming news.

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