Call of Duty: Mobile Undead Siege Returns

Halloween enthusiasm remains the main theme of all games. Halloween events that add great color to the game world continue. Call of Duty: Mobile’s beloved mode, Undead Siege Returns, begins on Thursday, October 21. In Undead Siege Returns, players will battle hordes of zombies as well as fight for survival on the new Battle Royale map and Halloween-exclusive “Easter Eggs“.

Undead Siege Returnsving Dead returns to Call of Duty: Mobile on October 21. Exciting moments keep coming in the gaming world. If players want to play a game, a raffle will be waiting for them, featuring the Billy puppet design, items, and other scary material from the Saw series. In addition, players will have the opportunity to earn 50 tiers of new battle pass rewards.

Season 9 will introduce new characters like Nikto – Scarecrow and Artery, Nosferatu, along with a new functional weapon called the Swordfish, new score lines, weapon templates, Profile Cards, Talismans, COD Points (CP), and more throughout the season.

Other details about the 9th season Call of Duty: Mobile;

Game mode changes:

  • More types of zombies will appear in standard mode
  • Zombies will now spawn dynamically in both standard and hard mode.
  • Added new daytime missions
  • Easter eggs with turrets and zombies, stories and more will be waiting for the players.
  • Siege of the Living Dead will be decorated with a Halloween theme

Season 9 Maps: The Halloween Border Town map returns, complete with all the spooky Halloween decorations, and the Hovec Sawmill map from Modern Warfare is available for the first time in Call of Duty: Mobile.

New Multiplayer Mode “Download Zone”: First introduced in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, in this new mode, teams will struggle to dominate a specific download area that changes throughout the match.

New Themed Event

Trick or Treat: Players will wander around to play “Trick or Treat” with their friends and NPCs. When the joke is selected, the player will need to complete a quest to get candy (Event XP). Players in a room with candy selected will receive their candy instantly. Event XP can be redeemed for theme-specific rewards.

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