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Crash Bandicoot On the Run Release Date Announced

The release date has been announced for Crash Bandicoot On the Run. As a matter of fact, the interest in this game, which players are eagerly awaiting, is increasing every day. The game to be published by the developer of Candy Crush will be released on March 25th though.

The release date has been announced for the new mobile game developed by the King company. Crash Bandicoot On the Run will be released for Android and IOS platforms this month. The good news is that pre-registrations are now open.

Crash Bandicoot On the Run is Short to its Release Date

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World-renowned mobile game developer King and one of his biggest successes is the Candy Crush series. The company purchased the license rights for the series from Activision for the first time in 2016. After five years, the developer company made its first move. The Crash Bandicoot On the Run release date was the first detail that came about the game. However, the details of its free status and some in-game images were also shared with the players.

A set date for the legend

The new game of the popular series, which will be released for mobile platforms, will be released on March 25, 2021. The game will also be available for free for both Android and IOS. This news was received positively among the players. The game is free to play but will include micropayments. In the game; Major characters of the series such as Scorporilla, Nitrus Brio, Nina Cortex, and Dingdile will also be featured in the game. The basic structure of the game is based on discovering the enemies on the island, unlocking new weapons, and gaining our freedom though.

The description of the game on Google Play is as follows:

Crash Bandicoot is back! Join fast-paced runs on Wumpa Island to smash crates, dodge obstacles, and face your favorite characters to save the multiverse from Dr. Neo Cortex. Take on your favorite bosses from the Crash universe, win prizes, build a base, and more. Not to mention weapon making. With Crash, which can be customized from top to bottom!

At the same time, a challenge awaits you to reach the top of the leaderboard as you progress in the game. It is currently open for pre-registration on the Apple Store and Google Play for the new game of the series. If you pre-register now, you’ll get some gifts when the game is released.

In fact, if we take into account that there are micropayments in the game, the gifts you will earn can be very valuable in the future. Finally, click here to read more game news.

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