DJI Has Been Blacklisted by the US

DJI Has Been Blacklisted by the US

The problems between the USA and China keeps getting serious with every passing day. The drone brand DJI has been added to the US Department of Commerce blacklist.

DJI, who was on the valet list, did not comment on this issue. The US Department of Justice launched an investigation into DJI for espionage and cyberattack in October.

The USA, which has been imposing sanctions on Huawei and TikTok for a while, turned its direction to the famous drone brand DJI this time.

According to the news in Reuters, the US Department of Commerce announced in the conference call held on December 18, 2020 that DJI, the drone manufacturer, will also be blacklisted.

“We were disappointed with the decision of the US Department of Commerce. Our customers in the USA can continue to purchase and use our products. Our company will continue to develop the industry’s most innovative products that benefit the world” DJI stated.

Since the companies on the list cannot export technologies developed by US companies, DJI production may be disrupted. It is unknown whether these issue with DJI and Huawei will be resolved with the new US president Biden. Huawei may not be it but it seems likely that DJI will come out of this list with Biden. It is not yet clear what kind of sanctions the US government will impose.