DualSense Drivers Released for Linux

DualSense Drivers Released for Linux

DualSense drivers have been released for devices using the Linux operating system. One of the most popular features of the PlayStation 5 is undoubtedly its DualSense controller. It offers a nice experience to the players with its haptic vibration and adaptive triggers. Similarly, haptic feedback is a tactile sensation that communicates in-game information to the player, but it uses precise rumble features to do so.

Support for the controller was previously provided by Steam and Windows. This new support for Linux devices came from Sony. With the new driver, we can connect DualSense to Linux devices wirelessly via cable or Bluetooth.

DualSense Drivers Released for Linux Devices

Previously, Linux users used the official “hid-sony” driver for Sony hardware, but this newest driver release, called “hid-playstation,” will feature additional compatibility. In terms of the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller, functions will include the use of its LEDs, touchpad, battery, motion sensors, lightbar, and rumble feature. Currently, the driver doesn’t offer support for the DualSense’s haptic feedback or adaptive triggers. The controller can perform the following functions with its “hid-PlayStation” driver:

– LEDs on the controller
– Trackpad
– Battery feedback
– Motion sensors
– Microphones

However, the new driver released does not have support for the iconic features of DualSense, haptic vibration, and adaptive trigger. Don’t forget to check our other news about PlayStation 5 here.