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E3 2021 and All Summer Play Fairs Announced

The program of the E3 2021 event, which is also expected to be held free of charge to everyone, and the game industry event approval has been given. Good news was finally given to all players. The event, which was canceled due to the pandemic last year, is returning to the fields digitally this year.

Last year, the E3 fair had a very difficult time in many respects. Due to the cancellation of the fair activity by ESA, many companies had real difficulties in reaching the players. This situation was a negative situation for both the players and the game companies. But this year good news was announced. Many details of E3 2021, which will be made digitally, have been revealed though.

On What Date Will E3 2021 Begin?

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E3 2021, which will start on Saturday, June 12, will end on Tuesday, June 15. The entire fair, which will be held free of charge for everyone, will take place as a digital event.

Take Two (2K and Rockstar Games’ Parent Company)
Warner Bros
Koch Media

It has been determined as the main partners of the E3 fair. Square Enix is currently uncertain, but it will probably be one of the partner companies. Polygon, IGN, Gamespot, GamesRadar and PC Gamer will also be among E3‘s partners in media and content production. In addition, Ubisoft Forward is among the approved events at the PC Gaming Show and the Future Games Show.

When Will Steam Next Fest Be?

This year, the Steam Next Fest game festival will be held between 16-22 June. The event will last for 6 days and many game developers will broadcast live. There will also be free demos of hundreds of games. Valve is expected to make many announcements again at the event.

In addition to all these, it is stated that a special DOTA 2 event can be held for the festival. Details of the event have not been revealed as much as in E3 2021 yet. However, it is certain that the Steam Next Fest will be very enjoyable. The fair will be digital and free for now.

Dates of Other Events

Geoff Keighley‘s Summer Game Fest, which appeared to replace the canceled E3 fair in 2020, will take place in June. The details of the event, which will be attended by some platform owners and game developers, are not yet clear.

Guerrilla Collective had a fair attended by large-scale indie game developers and mid-sized publishers in 2020. After the partnership with Paradox Game, a larger event is expected this year. A detail has not been announced for the fair at the moment. But the only known thing is that it will take place in June.

Tennocon is coming on 17 July 2021. Tennocon 2021, where Warframe updates will be announced, will be made completely digital. Play sales are expected at the fair to help the homeless. Warframe community activities will be abundant and the event is expected to be very enjoyable. We have said that the fairs will be held digitally. But even if it is digital, it will be quite fun. It would not be wrong to say that the players are looking forward to the date of the fairs.

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