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Elon Musk Declares Himself the Emperor of Mars

Elon Musk managed to attract the attention of his followers with an arrangement he made on his Twitter account. Adding the phrase “Emperor of Mars” to the biography section on the profile page; Musk declared that he was the emperor of Mars.

Billionaire Elon Musk, who managed to be on the agenda with every statement he made and every step he took; made an important update in his profile on Twitter. Musk, who changed the course of the agenda by making some additions to the biography section before; this time messed up with the “Emperor of Mars” article.

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It is unknown why Elon Musk made such an addition to his Twitter profile. However, with this arrangement, Musk declared himself the emperor of Mars. Unfortunately, it is not possible to understand what this means. Musk may be joking as before, or there may be a very important development with SpaceX. There is no clear explanation on this subject at the moment.

Although Elon Musk has declared himself the emperor of Mars, it is too early to talk about them right now. Because the rocket named Starship, which is also planned to bring people to Mars, is not yet at the desired level. In addition, Musk recently said that it is not easy to reach Mars and that many people who will go there may lose their lives.

It is a fact that Elon Musk‘s passion for Mars is very high. Consequently, the phrase Emperor of Mars can be a clear indication of this passion. However, if we do not ignore how colorful Elon Musk‘s personality is, we can also say that this is a humorous approach.

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