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Facebook Announces New Artificial Intelligence Project

Facebook announced its new artificial intelligence project that can learn from the visual, auditory and textual content of videos. This project, called Learning from Videos; is an important step taken for the machines of the future that can ‘learn like humans’.

Artificial intelligence algorithms are now with us on the platforms we visit every day; on the phones we pick up, in short at every moment of our lives. Our life is getting easier thanks to artificial intelligence. This means that every major innovation that will be experienced is basically dependent on developments in artificial intelligence algorithms.

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For this reason, all technology giants are working for more ‘intelligent’ artificial intelligence that can learn better every time. However, at the point we have reached; the learning style of an artificial intelligence is quite different from that of a human being. But in the future, it is thought that artificial intelligence will become more and more human-like. A new project announced by Facebook is an important step for machines that can learn like humans in the future.

An artificial intelligence that can learn everything from videos:


There are artificial intelligence algorithms under the basic working principle of all platforms hosted by Facebook. All advertisements and suggestions we encounter, seems powered by artificial intelligence. Facebook’s new project Learning from Videos will also provide its users with more consistent and relevant suggestions. On the other hand; it will be a kind of entrance for artificial intelligence to use in the machines of the future that can learn like a human.

Learning from Videos algorithms will be able to learn the visual; textual and audio elements of all videos uploaded on Facebook platforms. The first application of the new project currently used on Instagram Reels videos. Thus, more consistent videos will surface for the players according to their interests and favorite content.

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Learning from videos is a challenge for AI because some situations can make learning difficult, such as noise pollution in a video. However, there are various studies in this area and Facebook has been using similar algorithms for a while. For example, Facebook has achieved successful results in detecting the hate speech in the content through voice.

The Learning from Videos algorithm is available in all countries, for all languages. It will also be an important starting point for AI machines with more advanced learning capabilities that we will come across in the future.

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