FIFA 2021 Team of the Year Voting Begins

FIFA 2021 Team of the Year Voting Begins

While the year 2020 was passing under the shadow of the pandemic, this was not different for football. With the matches played on a tight calendar without spectators and postponed tournaments, a tasteless season has passed. With the end of the year in FIFA 2021, one of the most popular football games in the world, voting began to determine the team of the year. In the voting to be held, football fans are expected to make very difficult decisions.

The voting system is pretty simple. We drag the players we choose in the tactical scene on the voting screen to their positions. It is very difficult for the players to decide at this point because; we do not have the chance to choose a tactic other than the 4-3-3 that is ready. There are 70 footballers on the list who are nominated for the team of the year. These players are divided into 4 different categories in FIFA 2021. These were grouped into goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders, and attackers, respectively.

FIFA 2021 Voting Begins for Team of the Year

Only the best

Since the tactic determined by the game is 4-3-3, it is not possible to choose the favorite players in every position. Let’s say you want to pick four players for the forward. Since there are only 3 players in the squad, you have to leave one of your choices out of the squad. You cannot shift your attacking player to midfield.

You can choose the players you want to see in the team of the year by voting from the questionnaire at this address. To be honest, the candidates announced for the team of the year for the last few years are once again; there aren’t many exciting new names. Another striking point is that the names who played ball in England, Spain, and Germany were included in the list. Although the teams in these leagues have achieved great success, the rest of the world seems to be out of this list. Don’t forget to check our other news here.