File Size Of NBA 2K21 On Xbox Series X Revealed

File Size Of NBA 2K21 On Xbox Series X Revealed

The file size of NBA 2K21 on Xbox Series X has emerged, which 2K will offer to players this month. According to the information in the Xbox Series X store, the file size of NBA 2K21 will be more than 121 GB. The new consoles Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PlayStation 5 brought major improvements over the current generation. This time however, they are struggling to satisfy the users in terms of storage space. Although SSD storage units reduce the loading times of the games and the time of the transition screens considerably, it does not seem to satisfy the users due to their storage capacity.

Nowadays, with the increase in resolutions, especially the size of AAA games have increased accordingly. It shows that new generation consoles that offer 4K resolution support may have problems in the storage space. However, the first example seems to be NBA 2K21.

Size Of NBA 2K21 On Xbox Series X

A Reddit user shared a screenshot of the NBA 2K21‘s Xbox Series X store page. According to the shared screenshot, the size of NBA 2K21 is 121.7 GB and the user seems to be dissatisfied about this. It seems that this enormous file size will be a problem among users since the Xbox Series X has 802 GB of available space. However, the available space on the Xbox Series S is 364 GB. It seems the storage space issue will be noticeable for the players.

Since it is an early version of the game, the size of the file may decrease with the next update. Microsoft also announced that games on the Xbox Series S will be 30% smaller in size.

“When you look at the size of a normal game pack, most of the content uploaded to local storage is texture data,” said Jason Ronald, Xbox Program Management Director, in a statement, saying that developers should target 1440p. In addition, according to the statement on the Steam page of NBA 2K21, the size of the game on PC will be 110 GB.