First Household Hydrogen Battery Developed

First Household Hydrogen Battery Developed

An Australian based energy company has rivaled Tesla’s home energy storage system Powerwall. This battery developed by Lavo generates hydrogen from water and can then turn it into electricity.

Australia based energy company Lavo has released a household energy storage system to rival Tesla’s PowerwallLavo’s home energy storage system has a difference: It uses hydrogen as fuel .

These systems, developed by both Tesla and Lavo, are based on the idea of ​​drawing excess energy created by solar or wind energy systems. These systems can also provide power in case of network problems .

The first domestic hydrogen battery

Lavo’s battery, referred to as Green Energy Storage System , is technically an electrolysis unit. Green Energy Storage System can produce and store hydrogen from water. It can then turn it into electricity using a fuel cell . Moreover, Lavo’s battery has a capacity of about 3 times the Tesla’s Powerwall 2.

Lavo, in his statement, also states that this system, which he developed himself, has a longer life than lithium battery systems. What enables the company to achieve this, is that it uses hydrogen gas, not chemicals, unlike conventional batteries. In addition, according to the news in Futurism, it has a more environmentally friendly structure since it does not use rare earth elements .

However, there are hazards as well; such as explosion and burning. The company stated that any spills will spread very quickly, and that it is no more dangerous than other conventional fuels such as gasoline or natural gas .

This system, which is much more expensive than Tesla Powerwall 2, also has one disadvantage: efficiency. There is an efficiency problem in storing hydrogen gas and then converting it into electricity. According to Lavo, the cycle efficiency is above 50% , which means it is below the average lithium-ion battery system .