First MacBook Air With Apple M1 Processor Introduced

First MacBook Air With Apple M1 Processor Introduced

Apple introduced the MacBook Air with the company’s own processor M1 at the event it organized for the third time in the last three months. The MacBook Air attracted attention both in terms of performance and battery life. The new MacBook Air, which is said to have the processor world’s fastest 5 nm processor, has a processor power 3.5 times faster than its previous generation. The first MacBook model introduced by the company was the 13.3-inch MacBook Air. The new MacBook Air offers a significant performance increase compared to previous generations with the new Apple processor.

Apple‘s new MacBook Air model carries Apple‘s slim and minimalistic design as usual. Coming with the M1 processor, the MacBook Air has 3.5 times faster processing power than its previous generation. The new MacBook Air, which enables web surfing for 15 hours, also allows you to watch videos for 18 hours. In active use, it provides a total of 6 hours of use. Thanks to the fingerprint reader located on the power button, someone else using your device will not be able to access your Apple Pay. In addition, with the M1 new processor, Apple aims to offer higher speed for the Air model.

According to Apple‘s statements at the event, the M1 chipset in the MacBook Air will have up to 5 times faster graphics capabilities of a laptop of the same segment. With a processor 3.5 times faster than the previous processor, the MacBook Air offers 3 times better performance than Windows computers in its class.

Apple‘s MacBook models are especially popular for their battery life. This feature, which makes Apple‘s computers special, will satisfy the fans even more with their new MacBook Air. MacBook Air will offer 15 hours of wireless internet experience and 18 hours of video playback time. The MacBook Air will offer the longest battery life in a MacBook.

One of the new and most important features of the MacBook Air is that the device will not have a fan at all. New MacBook Air, which has a fan-free structure, will run quieter and produce less noise. Finally, the computer will have up to 2 TB SSD and up to 16 GB RAM options.

The new MacBook Air will be available for $ 999 as standard, and $ 899 for students.