Ganyu First Speed Run in Genshin Impact

Ganyu First Speed Run in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact, which was published on PC, mobile platforms and consoles in September last year; managed to make a big impression. The game, which managed to attract a large number of players, also caused various discussions among its players. The subject of this news is the speed run of this free action role-playing game. A YouTube user named Memorii claimed that he broke the world record in the speed run he did with the character Ganyu.

YouTuber named Memorii showed in a video he shared on his channel; how the various features of the Ganyu character in the game can be brought to the highest level in a short time. Of course, performing the first speed run in a game is very important for speed runners. Considering that Ganyu was added to the game just last week; we can say that this speed run performance is even more impressive. It’s a pretty impressive job to maximize a newly released character.

First Speed Run of Ganyu Character in Genshin Impact

In order to make the speed run of Ganyu, it is also necessary to have the character first. According to the news in The Gamer, requires more Primogems than many players have. However, once you acquire the character, it is relatively easy to do the speed run because the character uses materials that are already in the game.

Memorii also shared the speed run performance on the game’s page on Reddit. However, there were users who claimed that Memorii’s speed run was fake. The reason why these users override the speed run in question is that not all of the character’s abilities have been maximized.