Futuristic Electric Bike Concept Tesla Model B Revealed

Futuristic Electric Bike Concept Tesla Model B Revealed

Many brands are making concept product developments. Here is the futuristic electric bike Tesla Model B.

Tesla creates models that attract the attention of many people with its unique cars. When the technology, design and engine power used in the vehicles all come together, the emerged result is nothing but impressive. Here is an electric bicycle concept prepared based on the base of “What would a bicycle look like if Tesla have built it?”

Tesla Model B, which has a minimal structure, looks pretty cool.

Tesla Model B electric bike, which looks very good with the harmony of gray and white colors, also has minimal lines.

Kendall Toerner’s Tesla Model B concept is based on how Tesla‘s bikes would look if they had fallen into the category of bicycles. Model B creates a bridge between conventional bicycles and road vehicles, with a design designed to be safer, more efficient and less energy-intensive like automobiles.

Tesla Model B also considered autopilot feature, and this is really exciting.

The Model B concept has a familiar feature: LiDAR. Thanks to this sensor, it creates a protective barrier on the side, back and front-facing parts of the bicycle. This sensor, which scans the environment for the users, warns when the driver encounters obstacles that he cannot see. The wheels of the bike come with its own special engine that makes up the Model B‘s dual drive system. The spokes on the wheels are replaced with shock absorbers, making the ride much smoother.

Autopilot feature is also considered in the bicycle. At the same time, it is possible to receive data on the bike via its screen. The model, which is a concept for the moment; unites bicycle and Tesla enthusiasts in a single concept.