Galaxy S21 Pre-Order Date

Galaxy S21 Pre-Order Date

New details continue to emerge for the Galaxy S21, Samsung’s new phone series. After the press images of the phone are leaked, comments started coming about its design. As the comments keep coming, meanwhile, some information about the phone’s pre-order date has emerged. In China, “prepayment” can be made to pre-order the phone. Samsung Galaxy S21 pre-order date leaked.

The pre-order screen has been opened on Samsung’s website in China. People who want to buy the phone pays about $ 15 here. In this way, when Samsung Galaxy S21 becomes available for pre-order, people who make this payment receives priority. In addition, users who pay $ 15 are deducted $ 15 from the price of the phone. If the people who made this payment change their mind, 15 dollars will be returned to them.

In addition, press images of the Samsung Galaxy S21, which was previously leaked by Roland Quandt, were revealed through WinFuture. Simplicity draws attention when the phone is examined. There is a triple camera setup positioned on the back of the device.

For the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, there will be a different design on the back. It is known that the ultra model, which is transferred to be two more sensors, will be positioned higher than the others. Also, Samsung, which will focus on the zoom side in the Ultra model, seems to make a difference with its 10 Megapixel 3x Zoom telephoto camera and 10 Megapixel 10x Zoom capability.

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