Gaming Legend Atari is Returning Very Soon

Gaming legend Atari is changing its strategy. The company’s new goal is to enter PC and console competition with premium games.

Atari has decided to radically rethink its game-world strategy. As a matter of fact, the organization; which has been in the market for many years, has set lofty goals for itself. With its announcement, the company also announced that it will turn to several platforms though.

Atari, which has survived by releasing free mobile games, has now shifted its focus to commercial games. The corporation believes that premium games will better reflect them.

The Atari VCS ushers in a new age.

The steps taken by the business, which aims to compete with Atari VCS in the console market, are unsurprising. Coming with a device with the ability to serve both as a PC and a console, the business hopes to re-establish itself in the gaming world. CEO Wade J. Rosen expressed his thoughts on the matter as follows:

“Through games, we also hope to deliver enjoyable moments and wonderful experiences. In fact, this is what Atari is all about. This is the link between our past and our future. We also believe that world-class games will help us improve our mission.”

The likelihood of a drop in the value of Atari, which is known to be enthusiastic about the issue, is fairly high. According to the corporation, which also mentioned this in its statement, the execution of the new strategy will result in a value loss of about 5 million euros.

In 2022, Atari may welcome us with its first productions.

After announcing its intention to enter the PC and console markets, the company may be forced to make difficult decisions about its present products. According to the initial information, the corporation plans to sell or discontinue certain of its products. Among these products are rumored to be Roller Coaster Tycoon Stories, Crystal Castles, Castles & Catapults, Ninja Golf, and Atari Combat: Tank Fury.

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