Gaming Platforms Are Used By The Smartest Gamers

Gaming Platforms Are Used By The Smartest Gamers

In the research conducted by the Royal Panda platform with academic experts, the IQ levels of gamers were tested. Accordingly, it was determined that PC players were smarter than PlayStation and Xbox players. In the research, it games played by the most intelligent people on each platform was stated.

The smartest gamers on the PC platform

The online game site called Royal Panda shared the results of the research in which 1001 players have participated. Each participant was asked questions about their preferred platform and the games they played recently to calculate the results. There were 4 parts in this test and questions to determine IQ were asked in each part. In these sections, subjects such as verbal intelligence, mathematical ability, logical reasoning and visual reasoning were emphasized.

According to the results of Royal Panda, PC gamers are the smartest gamers with an IQ of 112.3. Second place is PlayStation users with 110.7, and apart from these, Xbox got 103.8 points. Nintendo Switch players scored 101.3 points. The last place however, was determined by 99.4 mobile game platform players.

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