Get Ready to Compete In Pokémon UNITE on 19 November

    Pokemon UNITE signaled a new date to its players via its official Twitter account. Prepare to beat your opponents with the power of Decidueye. “Decidueye is battling in style! Check out some of their moves in our Character Spotlight, and get ready to compete in #PokemonUNITE on 11/19!

    Team up and defeat your opponents in Pokémon’s 5v5 strategic team battle game. Begin the challenging adventure to Aeos Island to compete in Unite Battles. You have to team up with instructors from all over the world.

    Compete In Pokémon UNITE on 19 November

    You and your teammates must defeat rival Pokémon and level up. You must also prevent the opposing team from earning points while you evolve your own Pokémon. Teamwork is very important, test your teamwork and beat your opponents.

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