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Google Assistant Will Be Able to Locate Missing iPhone

Google has updated the iOS versions of the Assistant and Home apps. Android users could find out where their lost phone was, thanks to Assistant. Google brought the popular feature to the iPhone with the update it published.

Emphasizing that smartphone owners should give some application permissions to Google Home, the technology giant also explained how the feature will work. In addition, Nest shared the information that it is compatible with all smart devices as well as speakers.

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Thanks to Apple‘s “Find iPhone” application, iPhone owners can easily find their phones when they are lost. Sending a notification to the phone via Siri, the application makes the device play a high tone. You will now be able to use this unexpected life-saving feature through the Google Assistant.

According to Google‘s statement, there are a few settings that iPhone owners must first make to find their phones. First of all, you need to download Google Home from the App Store. After installing, you need to give the application “notification access” and “receive critical alerts” permission. Thus, Google Assistant is able to locate the device.

To find your missing iPhone, simply open Assistant on your Nest smart speaker or any smart device and say “Hey Google, find my phone.” When you do this, Google Assistant automatically sends a notification to iPhone. Even if Do Not Disturb mode is turned on or your device is on silent, a loud ringing tone starts playing. Therefore, you can locate your lost iPhone.

Apple‘s voice assistant Siri has long had the ability to locate lost iPhones. Users can enter the “Find iPhone” application and tap the “Play Sound” button next to the device they want, to activate the ringtone and thus find its location. You can also ask the voice assistant “Play sound on my iPod touch” or “Where is my iPad?” They can perform the same process by issuing commands such as.

The feature added with the Google Assistant iOS update is a new alternative for iPhone owners. Smartphone users who cannot access Siri for any reason at the time will now be able to find their devices with the Assistant.

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