Google Camera 8.1

Google Camera 8.1

The image processing algorithm developed by search giant Google is one of the most successful algorithms in this field. For this reason, mobile photography enthusiasts appreciate the modified Google Camera application very much. Google Camera version 8.0, which Google recently introduced with Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G models; released with many useful features such as the Storage Saver mode. The app was later made available for older Pixel devices with the 8.1 version. This version is now available for non-Pixel devices.

Developed by a developer named Urynx05 on Google Camera version 8.1.008, PX Mod v8.1 makes Google Camera features available to those who do not have a Pixel device. With this application, you will be able to use features such as Cinematic Pan and Audio Zoom on your own smartphone.

Google Camera 8.1 Released for non-Pixel Devices

Some of the notes published with the new version are as follows:

  • All necessary fixes for a fresh start.
  • Added color transform to correct the vibrancy on matte colored devices.
  • Option to disable follow focus.
  • Added option to disable motion photos.
  • OPModes added to fix EIS. Saber is disabled for unsupported sensors.
  • Improvements on colors on Mi Note 10.

The developer of the APK states that the app may not work on some Samsung and OnePlus models, as well as some devices powered by Snapdragon 845. Soon after, Arnova8G2 releases a new update for the modified Google Camera. This update developed on Google Camera 8.1.101, provides support to various devices and fixes various errors.