Google Has Not Updated Their Applications on iOS for a Month

Google Has Not Updated Their Applications on iOS for a Month

Google has not brought a new update to the applications on the iOS operating system as of December 7. The company’s long release of a new update has led to claims that Google; is avoiding the new privacy policies Apple has introduced. Apple shared new privacy labels with the iOS 12 update and stated that all applications in the App Store; should comply with these labels. A new feature introduced among the privacy tags that notifies users that their data has been shared. Facebook even stated that it was disturbed by this notification; and that Apple‘s apps in the App Store were unfair.

Google‘s not bringing updates to iOS platforms for about 1 month has also focused attention on privacy tags. The company, which last released a new update on December 7, is apparently avoiding to adopt Apple’s new privacy policy. Google released its last update on iOS on December 7, 2020, just a day before Apple introduced its new privacy policy. The fact that Google has not made a new update for 1 month, raised some questions in the form of two different explanations.

Google Hasn’t Released a New Update Since December 7

Google Has Not Updated for 1 Month to Its Applications on iOS

First, because of the Christmas holiday that took place in December, Google is giving software developers a certain period of time, as in all major companies. It is quite normal that some updates and improvements are slow due to the holiday. In fact, not only Google, but also Amazon company took a little slow to update their apps on iOS.

The second reason was seen as Google‘s desire to evade Apple‘s privacy policies. Google has many applications in the iOS ecosystem. Also, organizing each app with new privacy labels is seen as a time-consuming and labor-intensive task. A Google company spokesperson responded to such allegations by announcing that Google will bring new updates to its iOS platforms within next week at the latest.

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