Google Lens Logo Will be Replaced for the 2nd Time

Google Lens Logo Will be Replaced for the 2nd Time

Although Google Lens has not reached as widespread use as expected; it is among the projects that Google continues to develop steadily. However, it turns out that the tech giant is far from demonstrating its commitment to developing the application in branding the service.

Google Lens announced logo change in Google I / O 2019 only 2 years after it was launched in 2017. Now, it seems to be preparing to change its logo again, even 2 years after this change. Because according to the screenshots shared by some users; Google has started to test a new logo for the image recognition application.

Google Lens Logo Will be Replace for the 2nd Time

Although Google Lens is a camera-focused application, the two logos used so far were far from being a camera connotation. As you can see above, Google has tried to make the new logo look more like a camera. Probably Google thinks a camera icon will grab more attention than the current logo.

However, we cannot say that the Google Lens logo will definitely change. Because the old logo continues to take place in many places where the Google application; Google Lens application and the application logos are located. Presumably, Google is showing the tested new logo to a limited number of users; analyzing whether the new logo affects the app usage compared to the current logo. Don’t forget to check our other news here.