Google’s Statement on the Crash

Google’s Statement on the Crash

Technology giant Google made a statement about the crash of various Google services, especially YouTube. The company stated that the cause of the setback was technical problems. Also, Google apologized to all users affected by the problem. US-based technology giant Google faced a big problem today. After the crash of various google services, users began to wonder about the cause of the glitch.

Google’s own website that logs outages showed that all of the company’s services were suffering from outages since about 11:00pm AEDT.

“We are aware that many of you are having issues accessing YouTube right now — our team is aware and looking into it,” YouTube said in a tweet.

The company made a statement to Sputnik from the Google press office during the day. In the statement, it was stated that the services crashed due to technical problems, then all Google services started working again after a while.

The statement is as follows; “Today, problems have occurred in the authentication system due to problems in the internal storage quota. Services requiring users to log on to the system gave a high error coefficient. All services are now running again

In the statement, Google apologized to everyone and apparently they are working to prevent this situation from happening again in the future.