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Google Pixel 5A Design Revealed

Google’s new Pixel 5A‘s indistinguishable design from Pixel 4A is out. It seems that Google wants to maintain its design concept despite all the criticism.

Google has never been one of the most popular smartphone manufacturers. However, since Google is the company behind the Android operating system, Pixel brand phones have always been closely followed by technology enthusiasts. The expectation for the release date of Pixel 6, which will be Google‘s 2021 model flagship, is autumn. But the company’s next price / performance phone, Pixel 5A, is coming out in the second quarter of the year.

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Steve Hemmerstoffer, known as OnLeaks, who revealed the designs of many smartphones months before their release, shared the possible design of the Pixel 5. Unfortunately, this leak excited even Pixel fans for a short time, as the leaked Pixel 5A design shows almost the same phone as the Pixel 4A announced last year.

Google Pixel 5A is expected to be announced with such a design

According to the shared images, Pixel 5A will continue to maintain its perforated screen design. The device, which will be 156.2 x 73.2 x 8.8 mm, will be 9.1 mm longer than Pixel 4 and 4.2 mm shorter than Pixel 4 XL. One of the most important improvements the Pixel 5A offers compared to Pixel 4A will be dual cameras.

For now, we do not have any information about Pixel 5A‘s hardware and price. Still, we can say that it is likely to come with features such as a Snapdragon 700 series processor, 4 or 6 GB of RAM, and a stock Android 11 interface. We can say that the leaked information will increase as the launch date of the device approaches.

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