Google Solved One of Chrome’s Most Annoying Problems in Windows 10

Google Solved One of Chrome’s Most Annoying Problems in Windows 10

Google Chrome, the world’s most popular internet browser, has various bugs and issues besides its popularity. RAM usage and instability problem, which is one of the biggest problems of Windows 10, is finally solved.

When it comes to internet browsers, the first alternative that comes to mind is Google Chrome. Despite all of its popularity and the power of Google, Chrome also has a lot of annoying issues.

One of these problems is the memory usage of the browser, which can reach incredible sizes. Chrome not only slows down your computers, especially when there are too many tabs open, it also stops responding and crashes at times.

Both Google and Microsoft have been working hard to fix these issues for a long time. The solution that computer users were waiting for came from Microsoft. Windows 10‘s End Process feature can significantly reduce browser crashes.

Google Chrome, the world's most popular internet browser, has many problems besides this popularity. RAM usage and instability problem.

According to the statement made by Google, thanks to End Process, the exit process is performed cleanly, which prevents browser crashes in Windows due to feature operations. Google also states that this feature has proven useful in many types of transactions.

To explain the effect of the new feature in its simplest form, Chrome will now run more smoothly on Windows 10. Especially those who work with many tabs open for a long time will benefit greatly from this situation.

Users who are annoyed by their computers slowing down or completely crashing will love to see their problems disappear. Google is currently experimenting with this feature. Thus, they aim to find the most efficient solution.

When 2021 comes, a smoother and more fluid Google Chrome will make many users happy. Perhaps the two technology giants will give users a nice New Year’s gift thanks to their collaborations they have developed recently.

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