GTA Characters Re-Designed with Today’s Technologies

GTA Characters Re-Designed with Today’s Technologies

A professional graphic designer named Hossein Diba has redesigned the main characters of GTA games. As a matter of fact, combining the designs of years ago with today’s technologies; the designer seems to have done a very successful job. Everyone who is interested in video games today has definitely met Rockstar Games‘ legendary game “Grand Theft Auto“. In addition; actors who met a new character and story in each game of the series managed to connect with these characters in some way. In fact, have you ever thought about how the three-dimensional designs created with new technologies of those characters that you cannot forget again after playing the GTA games will be? Here is a graphic designer Hossein Diba answering this question for us.

You may have just heard the name Hossein Diba. However, this design has a very old history in the video game industry. The designer, who has worked with industry giants such as CD PROJEKT RED and Blizzard Entertainment; occasionally also conducts independent works. Here, giving life to GTA characters is a project that has been implemented completely independently though. If you wish, let’s take a closer look at those designs without further ado.


GTA 3 was an important milestone for Rockstar Games. Nevertheless, for the first time in the history of GTA, the company left the 2D design and switched to the third dimension. This is what Claude, the main protagonist of this game, looks like when it is redesigned today.

Tommy Vercetti

When GTA Vice City was released in 2002, it managed to attract the attention of players around the world. In this game, whereas we tried to be the greatest mafia boss with our character named Tommy Vercetti in the fictional form of Miami. Here is the game, if it was done today, we would probably see Vercetti like this.

Carl Johnson

Evidently, commemorated with the line “Ah shit Here we go again”, Carl Johnson has managed to become a character admired by millions of actors.

Niko Bellic

GTA 4, which we had the opportunity to meet in 2008, was set in Liberty City and focused on Niko Bellic, originally Serbian. Here is Bellic, if it were designed today, we would see an image like the one above though. If you want to view all the work of this graphic designer named Hossein Diba, you can use the link here.